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The Flower Girl (Aeris)

Final Fantasy Tactics

The flower girl in Final Fantasy Tactics is a girl who resembles Aeris whom Cloud runs into on the streets. He’s taken by surprise and speechless when he sees her. Her appearance is very brief, but her outfit was darling so I decided to make it. My friend Missy has also made a Flowergirl outfit.

Height: ??

Age: ??

Debut: Picnic

Cost: ~40

I’ve (please don’t kill me!) Never actually played this game. I watched my friends Kevin and G-chan play it and walk me through it though. ;_; I made this costume because it was really cute.. and Missy and I were going to wear ours together ^-^! I love it because it’s a great costume to wind down in at the end of the day at a con. very comfy.

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