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Aeris Gainsborough

Final Fantasy 7

Aeris Gainsborough is a character from the game Final Fantasy 7 released in 1997 by Squaresoft. In it, she represented life, death, and Earth, as the last remaining person with the blood of an Ancient race.  Yoshitaka Amano is one of my favorite illustrators due to his strikingly unique design (and the fact that he did cool fanart from a book series I like)... and this costume is a portrayal of the original Yoshitaka Amano Aeris Gainsborough Artwork.

Height: 5'3

Age: 22

Debut: Anizona 2005

Cost: ~200

There were alot of different Amano artworks of Aeris.  In each picture she was wearing a different outfit.  But the most unique of all the outfits was in the image I used as a reference picture.  I thought the off the shoulder jacket and strapless dress would be pretty, and the jacket would definately be a challenge (the inner workings on how to make it stand up without clear straps!).  I chose the colors from Aerith’s original outfit, and melded them in with the black and white design in the image shown.  The headpiece for the costume was not made by me, instead it was a gift from my friend Tristen Citrine, and it is not depicted in the drawing, but instead came out of Tristen’s imagination entirely!

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