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Dana Scully

The X-Files

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  • The reselmbance is uncanny… I’m completely serious. I’m just stunned… I really and truely am.

    Posted by nobunaga  on  07/19  at  06:34 AM
  • You would of rocked SDCC as Sculley if you were able to make it this year.  There’s always the next one.

    Posted by dksquall  on  07/19  at  11:02 AM
  • Funny, you dun like X-Files yet you went through the trouble to cosplay a perfect Scully XD

    What other characters did people say you looked like? If people said you looked like a hamburger then forget cosplaying that XD

    Posted by _ryo_jin_  on  07/19  at  05:27 PM
  • Are you sure you are not the actress who played Scully in the X-files???
    That’s really good,nice,amazing…whatever….

    (You know the dead-walking-rag-doll of ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ movie???well…your hair would fit her perfectly;...)

    Posted by thetruejoker  on  07/30  at  11:23 PM
  • I can’t believe the resemblance. Scully and you are like twins.

    Posted by ashleyohtori  on  08/01  at  12:28 AM
  • OMGosh! *_* You’re so beautiful and you make a perfect Scully! I kind of idolized Scully when I was younger ^_^;;

    Posted by sakura  on  08/04  at  09:06 PM
  • Holy CRAP. You look JUST LIKE HER. *___* Wow.

    Posted by winry  on  10/01  at  07:15 PM
  • My Mom REALLY wanted me to tell you how much of a close resemblence you have with Scully (Gillian Anderson). It’s her favorite costume of yours lol.

    Posted by joanie  on  10/08  at  03:32 PM
  • I always thought Agent Scully (Gillian Anderson) was the hottest woman alive but now I see your cosplay…  I really have to say…

    Both of you are the hottest people alive <3<3<3

    Posted by ff7cloud  on  10/16  at  04:47 AM
  • The truth is out there!:)

    Posted by uthardar  on  10/16  at  04:05 PM
  • I never thought I’d be able to see a person who could make such a perfect Scully. Now, I known I was wrong. Your costume is really amazing! I really miss X-Files, you known. After years watching every episode (I love this show with my heart), look at this picture make me really happy because it’s like the fandom never will be forgotten.

    Posted by radicool  on  10/16  at  11:16 PM
  • oh my god !! it’s unbelievable ! you could be her twin !! (o_O)

    Posted by elonwy  on  12/13  at  04:53 PM
  • not only do you have the most amazing scully hair( redheads…mmmmm…*drool) but you’ve got her..stance mannerisms? can i use that term?....oh well, i just did. anyway, it’s an almost perfect likeness.

    Posted by magehound  on  12/16  at  10:45 PM
  • the spitting image. :D

    Posted by gamma  on  02/25  at  11:13 PM
  • Squall here agian…(lol)...maybe it’s just me but Adella should just stick to Aeris Cosplay? >.<

    Posted by az_squall  on  06/14  at  12:38 PM
  • Amazing! It’s unreal…

    Posted by zeix  on  08/22  at  02:57 AM
  • Before I saw it I swear I was going to email you suggesting this cosplay.
    Are you by any chance Gillian Anderson’s clone? ^^

    Posted by shiaoran  on  12/12  at  06:21 PM
  • Cosplaying Dana Scully - Gillian Anderson is a big challenge and you did it very well. As the others members said, you’re really a clone or a twin of Gillian Anderson LOL.
    After a googling I found “only” 3 cosplays of Dana Scully :(. Too bad there’s no more.
    nvm, I really wonder what will think Gillian Anderson if she finds one day this cosplay LOL.
    Maybe one day, you’ll receive LOL an email from her ^_^ (and we hope you’ll copy the whole email XD). Then don’t be surprise, ok ?

    Posted by jimbond007  on  01/02  at  12:29 PM
  • The look is almost uncanny.With this wig and costume,you should do this character more often.

    Posted by dougw4496tl  on  07/10  at  11:13 PM
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