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Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time

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  • Once again, astonishing photography to go along with the costumer! The barn was a perfect local for the photoshoot!

    Posted by nobunaga  on  07/19  at  06:52 AM
  • I like this costume a lot for some reason~ XD Very purrty =)

    Posted by tevina  on  07/29  at  05:22 AM
  • hi there, I like the costume alot, I was wondering how you made the elf ears for this costume? ^^ keep up the great work.

    Posted by oberon  on  07/30  at  05:50 PM
  • Wow…
    My favourite video game character is Aeris, and I think the first cosplay picture I ever saw of you was with your FFVII Aeris costume.  When I saw you do Malon, however, I was stunned.  You have done an awesome job with each and every one of your costumes, and you somehow seem to be perfect for every one of them.  Kudos and e-hugs to you!:D

    Posted by pooki  on  08/01  at  03:07 PM
  • excellent design on the costume, and the way you pulled it off is great.

    Posted by darkwolf  on  08/15  at  11:20 AM
  • I haven’t commented on this costume yet 0_0…I LOVE THE EARS!!! Sooo cool. I loved the setting in the photos, mega sugoi outfit, Adella!

    Posted by crimson_cobwebs  on  08/18  at  04:46 PM
  • Wow, You have an amazing talent for perfecting things…The barn the clothes and Even the ears.
    Well done.
    I wish I could cosplay as well as you do.

    Posted by sakura_orchid  on  10/09  at  05:53 AM
  • i absolutley love your cosplay of Malon. My boyfriend is going as Link and I did NOT want to go as Zelda because she irritates me, i settled on the lovable Malon. My problem is that this is my first actual cosplay and i cant seem to find either a premade skirt like that i can dye the right color, or a pattern to make one. Where did you find yours?

    Posted by elveneyes8604  on  10/13  at  06:04 PM
  • I been thinking about buying a game cube for the new zelda( I wonder if Melon going to be in it.)
    but I don’t want to Blow a lot of cash on one game. Well, any way If you need a guy to cosplay as twilight pricness link, I’m your

    your loyal servant


    Posted by uthardar  on  10/23  at  12:10 AM
  • Malon! XD I love Malon. x3 You look fabulous as Malon! =D

    Posted by aeris kisaragi  on  11/06  at  09:31 AM
  • I’m not sure but I think I saw you at the San Diego comic con in this costume. You were with someone dressed as Link. I have a pic of it but I’m not positive it’s you. If at all possible lemme know if I’m correct.

    Posted by locke_db  on  11/30  at  11:18 AM
  • You are so cool!

    Posted by yuffie  on  02/03  at  06:46 PM
  • Adella,you rock!This was the first cosplay I saw of you.You did Malon so great!When I saw this cosplay I was stunned!You are amazing!!!!

    Posted by minerva  on  02/09  at  03:51 PM
  • This is exactly how Malon should look..

    Posted by yaoi kitty  on  02/14  at  04:25 AM
  • And I must ask you how you did the ears?

    Posted by yaoi kitty  on  02/28  at  04:16 AM
  • i can almost hear you singing

    Posted by osfelas  on  03/10  at  01:08 PM
  • i love it =). I love the game! and i dont think anyone could have pulled malon off better then you^^

    Posted by carcasskisses  on  06/17  at  04:11 PM
  • My boyfriend is going as Link and I did NOT want to go as Zelda because she irritates me, i settled on the lovable Malon.

    Wow, annoying Malon fangirl #1. What’s wrong with liking both?

    Posted by lhsm  on  07/28  at  06:01 AM
  • Heehee, I remember playing this game when I was five, except it was my brother’s and they didn’t like me playing it. I always liked Malon, but I like Saria better.

    Posted by geninlizzy  on  11/21  at  09:15 AM
  • Redheads rule!

    Posted by geninlizzy  on  11/21  at  09:18 AM
  • You are gorgeous (as always) in this costume. I love it! Malon was one of my favourite characters in OoT. You have portrayed her so well here, your attention to detail is excellent. Yet I remain more interested in you Adella… XD

    Posted by xinvader  on  03/11  at  11:25 AM
  • Excellent design on the costume.You are gorgeous (as always) in this costume:)

    Posted by layenne  on  03/16  at  10:17 AM
  • Malon=Link’s Rightful Partner In Happily Ever After <3. You bring out Malon so much, especially the cuteness with your smile ^^ I saw pics of you and Alaria as Malon and Nabooru and was also thrilled to see the brillance in that as well. <3

    Posted by halo sorceress  on  03/24  at  07:50 PM
  • Hi there! I’m glad I stumbled across your site, your cosplaying is top notch! I was especially thrilled you did Malon, she was one of my favorite characters from the game. : ) My favorite had to be the one with you standing alongside the white picket fence.  The orange/soft glow gives everything a nice feel, and reminds me of the game.

    Peace! : )

    Posted by Soulrunnin66  on  07/11  at  05:11 AM
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