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Disney's Sleeping Beauty

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  • Aww your sis is a really pretty girl, and she does suit this cosplay!

    Posted by lady_soha  on  11/15  at  03:16 PM
  • awww I guess you and your sis cosplayed the disney princesses together? I bet that was really nice. your family is so pretty lol!! And the costume is gorgeous, I especially love the ruffled effect on the back of the dress, very elegant.

    Posted by crimson_cobwebs  on  11/16  at  03:43 PM
  • What a gorgeous costume ^_^
    And of course, the hair couldn’t be anymore perfect XD Kudos to your sister, you two are really beautiful *_*

    Posted by vicky  on  11/17  at  02:24 AM
  • Your sis is a really pretty girl. You two are really beautiful *_*  I bet that was really nice. Your family is so pretty lol!! And the costume is gorgeous, very elegant.

    Posted by layenne  on  11/20  at  11:20 AM
  • Leah’s only 17??  I thought she was at least 18!  I’m the same age ^^;; so I couldn’t really tell and of course, didn’t know.

    Posted by ladysephiroth  on  11/26  at  03:55 PM
  • The dress is absolutely stunning! Its so elegant! How do you do it? 0_0 your sister looks beautiful! I first saw these pictures on your devianart and was speechless and even now after seeing them again I still am!

    Posted by lasilon  on  11/30  at  12:05 AM
  • Pretty! I’m actually thinking of doing Aurora at Anime Expo 08’. Hopefully! ^^;;

    Really though, awesome job!

    Posted by michinekochan  on  03/14  at  12:44 AM
  • You’re sister is absolutely stunning.Nice work on the costume & the wig.She looks GREAT.

    Posted by dougw4496tl  on  06/29  at  08:57 PM
  • Once again it’s ridiculous how you and your sister actually look like the Disney princesses more than anyone I’ve ever see. Keep up the good work! grin

    Posted by TaleAsOldAsTime17  on  07/10  at  01:02 PM
  • even though you are amazing at doing all the aerith cosplay there is just something about the Disney princesses that catch my eye and you perform these costumes remarkable well, thank you.

    Posted by Daniel911  on  08/07  at  02:49 AM
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