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Princess Jupiter

SailorMoon Manga

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  • This is beautiful! I hate adjusting patterns, it’s so confusing. This dress really suits you!

    Posted by crimson_cobwebs  on  07/30  at  07:18 AM
  • Learning some flat pattern work techniques will really help you in pattern making.  You don’t have to alter patterns if you can make them yourself, you know?  I can teach you some stuff if you’re interested.

    Posted by zeldyn  on  08/06  at  10:16 PM
  • Wow.  You make such a good Mako-chan, Adella ^_^.  Sailor Jupiter is smexy, anyways, and so is that wonderful dress.

    Posted by lovely seraphim  on  09/14  at  03:15 PM
  • You look so beautiful in that dress i think u can eve use it to assist some partys

    well this is Luis Vallejo from monterrey mexico
    saw you yesterday the one who asked you for ur email at the end of the convencion

    take care !!! we love u here!!! come back soon

    Posted by beren  on  11/07  at  04:23 PM
  • Wow! You look so pretty in this dress. It looks very natural on you. I can tell just from the photos that you were having a lot of fun with this photo shoot. Well done.

    Posted by dark raven  on  11/11  at  06:14 AM
  • Adella, you are so beautiful and seem to be amazing no matter what charecter you play.

    I’m a bit curious mind…

    have you ever thought of doing any other final fanatsy charecters like…Princess Garnet in her white princess gown, or lenne from final fantasy X-2, you would be great as them.

    Keep going, your amazing.

    Posted by sakura_orchid  on  11/16  at  03:53 PM
  • WOW!awesome pictures,your so pretty that any character you do Looks great!Love the dress!

    Posted by miaka7  on  12/10  at  08:12 PM
  • Very cute! The dress is fabulos, and the flower anklet is so awesome! ^__^ The shoes are cool too.

    Posted by makatoh  on  01/29  at  12:51 PM
  • Very cute. You look pretty. Great job!

    Posted by serenitylynn  on  02/13  at  12:51 PM
  • i like to suck you’re beautiful feet i have feet fetish youknow you’re so beautiful i want you to be my sexslave

    Posted by xxxx  on  06/17  at  07:00 PM
  • wow….you look hot.

    Posted by captcrunch  on  11/11  at  03:12 PM
  • Very cute! The dress is fabulos, and the flower anklet is so awesome! ^__^ Awesome pictures,your so pretty that any character you do Looks great!Keep going, your amazing.

    Posted by layenne  on  03/16  at  10:25 AM
  • Love that Princess Jupiter Costume! Great Job!! smile

    Posted by lina34  on  04/17  at  12:28 AM
  • you look so hot! nice body and a beautiful face

    Posted by xxxx  on  01/13  at  05:05 AM
  • my e-mail is my name is jose roberto torres garcia 22 years enginering study. im. from mexico   i. just want tell you are my princess. really are beauty!!!!. and i liked drew to .i want send one drew of you. ¿i cant have you mail? for send my drew. and happen see soon in the next convension in this place . i sorry for my bad english .

    Posted by shonen12  on  04/05  at  06:23 PM
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