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Fllay Allster

Gundam Seed

Fllay Allster is one of the most innovative characters I have ever come across.  At first Gundam Seed was sort of boring for me, but when Fllay entered the picture and started taking the story to a whole new level I was captivated.  The majority of fans I have come across are very much into the Lacus style characters, but for me I look objectionally at the creative nature of Fllay.  She truly does make the story what it is, and without her the series would not be quite as dramatic and touching.  Because of her unique style I wanted to cosplay her! 

Height: 162cm

Age: 15

Debut: Anime Expo 2006

Cost: 300$

This costume was an absolute pain to make.  Alot of people look at things that APPEAR simple and brush them off as so.  By no means were the zig zagged seams or the matching of said seams simple.  Making a military uniform is a rough ordeal and getting it to look clean and tidy is pretty rough too!  I crammed the making of 5 costumes in 2 months of working full time at a hospital… yet somehow managed to pull it all off.  I don’t know how!!  The skirt DOES in fact have slits in the sides, though I think only one picture you can actually see it.  The O.M.N.I. patch was purchased on Ebay and the red stripe on her right shoulder was satin stitched over a blank white patch.

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