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Lacus Clyne

Gundam Seed Destiny

Lacus Clyne is the 16 year old daughter of Siegel Clyne, the Plant Supreme Council Chairman.  Lacus is the “Princess” of the coordinators and a pop star with an overly cute disposition and pink hair fitting of her description.  She is by far the most popular character from the Gundam Seed series, and probably my least favorite.  So why did I choose to cosplay her?  Well, it’s actually pretty amusing why I chose to cosplay Lacus.  It was not actually the character of Lacus that was to my liking, but in Gundam Seed Destiny, Meer Campbell.  Meer is a tragic and intriguing character; I loved her out of all the females in Gundam Seed Destiny (aside from Meyrin!) and because her chest size is so enormous there was no way I could cosplay her.  So my answer was to dress my large-chested younger sister Leah in a Meer costume, and I would go along with her as Lacus.  I particularly liked the episode where Lacus and Meer met, and while I chose their Seed Destiny default dresses as the ones I wished to construct, it was that episode that spurred my desire to make these two costumes. 

Height: 5'3

Age: 17

Debut: Anime Expo 2006

Cost: 500$

Lacus Clyne is another costume that appears overly simple.  The hardest thing about this one was convincing myself to walk out of my hotel room in a skirt shorter than short.  I had black bloomers on underneith but it was still scary!! I had no time to tan before Anime Expo so I was sickly pale from working all day and then going home and working on costumes for two months straight.  There was no summer for Adella when making these costumes!  Anyway the wig was made using foam.  It is actually two pieces, the ponytail extension pops off of the main body of the wig for travel purposes.  This costume itself was not exactly expensive, but I won’t lie… that darn Haro was 300$  Sky-rocketing my costume cost up to 500$! :(

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