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Maria Renard

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Maria Renard is the proud sister in law of Richter Belmont, and Sister of Anita Renard. Richter saved her as a child, and four years later, he disappeared. Castlevania had appeared that night, and Maria stepped inside of it, sure it was where Richter had gone. Untrusting and somewhat aloof, Maria comes across Alucard and is surprised that he is not insane or a beast like the rest of the castle’s inhabitants.

Height: 5'6ish

Age: 17

Debut: Anime Expo 2003

Cost: 250$

The appliques were hell ;_; however I had a really REALLY fun time making this costume. The wig was also hell, because it was really bad quality when I received it in the mail. Combined with rushing the costume to finish for AX made Adella stressie. But WEARING the costume felt wonderful! I love the velvet and the sash around my waist. I wore this costume for hours and it never got uncomfortable.  Stay tuned for a total revamp of my wig, and then a new photoshoot!

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