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Meer Campbell

Gundam Seed Destiny

This costume is worn by my sister, not me!

Meer Campbell is the sweet yet somewhat delusional pop star icon in Gundam Seed Destiny.  She serves a mysterious role under Chairman Durandal of Zaft, and is hopelessly obsessed with Lacus Clyne.  However, it is not a scary obsession, rather, a sweet and touching fan obsession that leads to something derranged in the end.  My sister plays the role of Meer in this cosplay, as I do not have the upper body (cough—chest—cough!) to pull it off.  Since Lacus and Meer are supposed to be identical I figured my sister and I would do them well, being as we are related!  (No we are not twins, she is 8 years younger than me.)

Height: 5'3

Age: 17

Debut: Anime Expo 2006

Cost: 300$

Meer was REALLY irritating to create.  I am not good at sewing stretch, and it drove me to many lengths of insanity trying to get the bodysuit to work aesthetically and mechanically.  The wig is actually crafted by me with hair extensions added to it (a job that I did not enjoy AT ALL) and the haro is a painted green haro similar to my pink one for Lacus.  It was incredibly fun irritating the elevators with these.  My sister and I would flip them on when we got in the elevator and annoy everyone around us with their high pitched chatter. 

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