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Noelle (Noel/Nuil)

Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch

Noel is the princess of the Arctic Ocean and transforms into Deep Blue Pearl Voice using her pearl.  She is the twin sister of Caren and is sometimes referred to as “indigo pearl voice” by some fan bases.  I don’t actually know much about this character because I have never watched this series.  This costume was made as a gift for Tristen Citrine (TristenCitrine’s Website) because she is a big fan of the series.  She wanted me to cosplay with her so I made the costume for her.  ^_^; 

The wig in my opinion came out looking hideous, and after I saw the pictures I wanted to cry so I never posted them until now.  I consider this costume my “costume that never happened” because of the grotesque wig.  One of these days I may redo the wig (much like the ugly one I wore for Maria Renard) but I’d first like to watch this series before that happens!

Height: ??

Age: Teen

Debut: Fanime 2004

Cost: 150$

This costume was INCREDIBLY cheap for me to do.  I had all of the fabric already left over, the only thing I had to do was buy the wig, shoes, and pearls for the bracelets.  Tristen Citrine made the necklace to match the one she made for her Orange Pearl Voice costume.  As I said before the wig looks awful.  I apologize for it!  It was styled the day of the convention and the 3rd wig I had bought trying to get just the right color and not having the option of dying it. 

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