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Disney Beauty and the Beast

Belle from Beauty and the Beast is probably my favorite Disney princess.  When I was younger I used to wear my bangs in the same style as hers; I suppose this was perhaps my first form of physical tribute to a character? Anyway, I decided I wanted to make for myself her blue peasant dress that she wears in the beginning.  Many people identify Belle with her yellow dress, but I really wanted to make more than just that one.  The blue dress is just as iconic as the yellow, and so I wanted to cosplay it!

Height: ??

Age: 20~

Debut: SoCal Cosplay Picnic

Cost: ~50$

This is probably one of my most inexpensive costumes ever.  I already had the black ballet flats, as they were one of my favored shoes to wear at the time.  The fabric for the dress is a poly/cotton sateen, and the blouse is a 100% linen plain-weave.  The dress and blouse were both draped on my duct tape dressform, and then trued and transfered to pattern paper and lastly sewn! The hair was definitely the most annoying part.  I had never executed her hair before, and I chose to wear this costume for the picnic since it was supposed to be 100 degrees outside.  I spent about 3 hours fidgeting with my bangs till I finally got them to look right, and I found that I was pleasantly pleased with the turn out (after much frustration)!

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