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Disney's Sleeping Beauty

This costume is not worn by me, it is worn by my sister Leah

Princess Aurora is the star of Disney’s 1959 film of Sleeping Beauty.  She is probably the prettiest out of all of the princesses in my opinion, and I who better to play the most beautiful of princesses than my sister Leah!

Height: ??

Age: 16

Debut: Anime Expo 2006

Cost: 300$

Sleeping Beauty was actually really frustrating to make.  Mainly because Leah had to be there for the constant fittings, and I made the gown in 3 days while working full time.  It drove me nuts, but in the end it was worth it.  The skirt is made of ribbed poly-satin and the bodice is made of matte poly satin.  The most interesting factor of this costume is the fact that Leah and I decided since Aurora had such a victorian-small waist that we needed to corset her in order to obtain that look.  So I took Leah’s waist down to about 22-23 inches to fit into the gown.  Needless to say she said her ribs felt like they were overlapping!  The hair in the picture is also not Leah’s real hair, as I’ve been asked about it numerous times.  This is a wig that was intially a cosworx alicia wig that I cut bangs into and curled into ringlets!

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