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Disney Beauty and the Beast

Belle from Beauty and the Beast is probably my favorite Disney princess.  When I was younger I used to wear my bangs in the same style as hers; I suppose this was perhaps my first form of physical tribute to a character?  Ever since I saw the yellow dress I wanted to wear it, and the gowns at Disneyland never struck me as being very close to the original.  They were ugly, in my opinion, and did not stay true to form.  So this sparked me to make my own.

Height: ??

Age: 20~

Debut: Anime Expo 2006

Cost: 200$

Funny enough my Belle costume appears to be a big more expensive in appearance than it actually was.  There was no wig cost this time, and the only thing I had to buy was the fabric itself.  The hardest part I would say… was getting the point of the bodice to align with the ruching properly.  Hand ruching is also obnoxious as hell, and the gathers will never truly align properly.  In a sense this gives the gown a more organic appeal, and in the era of the 18th century, in which Beauty and the Beast takes place, the gown would be hand sewn anyway!  The only real beef I have with this costume is the fact that I am so hugely tall that the petticoat I wore was too short and made for a short girl, so I need to add about 6 inches of ruffle and netting in order to puff out the bottom of the dress so it has a better dome shape and looks less like an octopus!!!

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