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Sara Mudou

Angel Sanctuary

Younger sister of Setsuna Mudou, she has had a deep set romantic love for her brother all her life. Half British and Half Japanese, She has lived with her mother since their parents’ divorce. A mother, who, is very protective of her. Sara is a rather sweet and naive character, though later becomes a very integral part to the story of Angel Sanctuary.

Height: 5'4

Age: 15is

Debut: Otakon 2004

Cost: 100$

I made this costume as a request from my friend Cybele. It was created for the Otakon 2004 Masquerade skit “Clockwork Angel”. Angel Sanctuary is quite a bizarre manga indeed.. what with the whole incest romance being one of the main interests @_@;; But the costume was very fun to make, including the dying of the skirt that my friend Tristen Citrine did for me… as well as the vest itself. My favorite aspect would have to be the heart necklace.

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