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Winnowill is a character from the comic series “Elfquest” by Wendy and Richard Pini.  This series was by far my best friend Kyle’s favorite series growing up in the 80’s, and for many years he talked about how wonderful it was when we would discuss comics together.  Over the years of knowing Kyle I had always been interested in it, but finding copies was proving difficult.  Then one day as we were browsing the manga section of a random Barnes and Noble, Kyle suddenly yelled (Yes inside of the store) and grabbed what appeared to be a graphic novel of ElfQuest.  Sure enough… it was the same comic!  We immediately bought everything we saw and the rest was history.

Winnowill is the main villainess of the main series “The Grand Quest”, and she returns in many different arcs, as well as a small arc which is strangely one of my favorite called “Rogues Curse.”  For those who are fans I won’t spoil it, but Rayek is…. very sexy in his new incarnation.  wink  Anyway…. Winnowill’s antics from torturing Strongbow with her dark sending, manipulating the Wolfriders, kidnapping Suntop, and then later kidnapping Windkin by manipulating Aroree…. all of these are among my favorite because she continues to remain a smooth and calculating villainess no matter how many times she seems to be backed into a corner.  Instead of yielding, or begging for mercy, she would sooner gracefully throw herself to her own death.  Her story of becoming slowly corrupted is among my favorite in villainesses… and I revere her as a character among characters.

So Cosplay Tribute had to be played!!

Height: 5'10+?

Age: ????

Debut: Comic-Con 2007

Cost: ~$200

Winnowill was made in about 5 days time.  Comic Con was approaching and so was the beginning of my school quarter.  I knew I had to get her finished before the beginning of the quarter, since school makes it impossible for me to have free time for anything else.  So I was determined this year (2007) to make this costume.  In 2006 I had tried to do it but never got started.

Dress:  100% Polyester High Pile Velour
Collar:  100% Acrylic Faux-Fur
Head Piece: 100% Acrylic Faux-Fur with custom dyed quail pointers

The shoes I just altered from some old club shoes I never wore anymore.  While Winnowill specifically wears flat sandals in the series, I originally wanted to put together a group of Wolfriders and Gliders, and this would require that I be extremely tall in comparison to the Wolfriders.  So… I gave Winnowill heels to make myself much taller than I actually am!

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